Stilo Immobiliare Finanziaria s.r.l.

Stilo is an investment holding company with diversified activities in Italy and abroad.   A network of interests operates primarily in commercial and residential property development and management with branches in the production of alternative energies.

Vertically integrated, the company oversees projects from conceptualization through the management of completed projects.  The commercial core activities of the company focuses on the development of large commercial facilities such as major malls and retail villages using in-house subsidiaries to provide engineering services, construction and in general all activities related to marketing and management.

The business model pursued by the company normally includes the total or partial disposal of the assets developed for institutional investors, typically mutual funds.

The choice of a business model heavily verticalised Stilo and allows it to benefit from significant increases in the value chain.

Stilo and its real estate subsidiaries act as vehicles for development and can rely on a company portfolio of projects under development requiring investments of more than two billion euro that are expected to provide substantial economic returns.

Stilo Immobiliare Finanziaria s.r.l.’s business is divided into forty companies and employs approximately 90 people.