The company is vertically integrated allowing for the development of its projects from conceptualization through the ultimate management of completed developments.
  Cogestil is the general contractor company for the large real estate projects of the Percassi Group.
Cogestil is one of the most important construction company in Italy providing services for:

Pre-construction Stage (Partnering/Teamwork, Estimating, Value engineering/Life cycle analysis, Scheduling , Virtual project coordination, Design leadership, Construction planning, Site analysis/Real estate services, Regulatory approvals , Procurement/Supply chain management)

Construction Stage
(Project management, Cost control, Schedule control, Document control, Change management, Site logistics, Contract management, Risk management, Safety / Quality / Productivity management, Project Closeout)

Development Stage (Project feasibility analysis, Site acquisition, Project planning, Project financing and ownership, Project implementation, Property and facility management)

Cogestil is committed to the success and to adopt ever more sustainable construction practices throughout the industry. As part of this effort, all new hires have been trained to the theory and practice of green building. Cogestil believes that Green buildings are not only good for the environment, but also because they provide immediate and long-term economic benefits for developers, building owners and occupants.
  Pro-Gen Architects is an in-house firm which aims to develop architectural and urban design based on the correct integration between the use of innovative technologies and the respect of the rules of the architectural design. To such end the activity of planning is always placed side by side by the research activity.
Pro-Gen’s approach to architectural and urban design aims to develop new methodologies and criteria based on environmental awareness and user needs oriented solutions.
This means to adopt innovative methodologies in the process of planning that contemplates to the optimal integration between new technologies and traditional constructive techniques.
  Steeped in a half century of experience, Impresa Percassi is a leading construction company specialized in high end residential building, renovation of historical building and interiors for residential and luxury retail.

The Impresa Percassi operates mainly in the north area of the country where its name is recognized to have a very high reliability in the real estate and construction market.
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