World events have placed an increased awareness on the need to provide alternative sources of fuel and energy. Not only is the availability of fossil fuel in question, but fossil fuels are also known to disrupt the natural ecological balance of the planet. Oil spills are disrupting the ecology both in local areas as well as around the globe and burning fossil fuels also promotes a greenhouse effect in the ozone, thus, it is understandable that scientists around the world are promoting alternative sources of energy generation and biomass (which is a renewable organic energy) is a safer alternative.

Biomass can be understood as regenerative (renewable) organic material that can be used to produce energy. These sources include aquatic or terrestrial vegetation, residues from forestry or agriculture, animal waste and municipal waste.  Therefore, biomass mat be manufactured from crops, wood, municipal waste, manure, land fill gasses and alcohol fuels. Producing fuel and energy from biomass is a complex procedure and Gruppo Stilo has fostered a strategic relationship with ArGo S.P.A., Europe's leading innovator in this important industry.
From it's first experimental plant in Rivalta sul Muncio, ArGo has advanced its innovative technology to five operating plants with an expectation of having 15 plants open in Italy by the end of 2011.  Biomass is not new technology but ArGo's unique recipe of enzymes and heat transfers greatly enhance the aerobic digestive process making the ArGo system completely cos-effective without any public or private subsidy

     Municipal waste arrives at the plant and is weighed, sorted mixed with other organic materials and irrigated for piping to the digester.
As many as 56 different enzymes are added at various times and at different temperatures to accelerate the anerobic digestive process. 
      Gas powers generators which then distribute the power to the grid.
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