Gruppo Stilo USA
Body and Soul of the Group, represents the core activities of business such as strategic direction, identifying the concept of projects and assessments on the commercial potential of the same.
   Antonio Percassi
    Financial, organizational and management of group activities is also the senior member with responsibility for investor relations and property acquisitions and sales.  
   Vittorio Bianchi
     Responsible for project leasing
   Matteo Percassi
    Strategic Planning, Special Projects and Oversight of operations in the United States
   Federico Pellicioli
     Managing Director--U.S. Operations
  Thomas De Paolo
    Responsible for the general construction in the interest of Stilo and third parties
  Michael Barilare
  Stilo Immobiliare & Finanziaria provide services to the Group commencing with the acquisition of the asset through its eventual retail distribution on the market through the following steps:  
Evaluation and study of the feasibility of the investment in all of its phases: from the identification of the opportunity, definition of the preliminary concept and relative business plan, up to the activity of the negotiation, closing and the financing definition of the acquisition.  
Identification of the development guidelines of the real estate transaction and the coordination of the various phases in order to maximize the project’s economic and financial return in each of the operations. This is an activity which also includes the project alternatives evaluation phase, the verification of the technical and economic – financial feasibility, the management of the financial process, the urban procedure with the support of all the members of the development team. The coordination and supervision of the Project’s Sales & Marketing and Property activities.  

Management and coordination of the Project’s various phases: from planning to the execution of works, with coordination of the professionals’ and the external collaborators’ activities, of the relation with the public authority and with the project’s authorization process. Analysis of production costs, management of the public relation with the construction companies and the suppliers for the competitive biddings, definition of the contracts and carrying out of the work.

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