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  Azzano Center will be an exceptional shopping and entertainment center, with a vast offer of fashion, recreation and entertainment options. The center will play host to a five-star hotel, a conference center and a multiplex cinema. It will become an essential part of the retail complex that serves the public of the area around the Orio al Serio airport, with more than 12 million passengers expected by 2012.

Located on 120,000 m², Azzano Center offers an extensive entertainment area for children and adults, with a planetarium and a health and wellness center and open spaces which will be used to host fashion and cultural events. The center will be opened in 2013 and promises to become one of the most interesting destinations for shopping and leisure in Northern Italy.

Azzano Center is located in Lombardy in the heart of one of the wealthiest regions in Europe. The site is located off the A4, the motorway connecting Milan to the prosperous cities in the north east, such as Bergamo, Brescia, Verona and Venice.

Azzano Center is a project by Hani Rashid of Asymptote, one of the most innovative architecture offices in New York. Asymptote is currently realizing works in Dubai, Malaysia, New York, Budapest and Russia. The structure will be dominated by use of glass with a white colour palette and will feature mostly renewable materials. Furthermore, the architect has opted for vast use of solutions to control energy loss and for electricity generated by alternative sources.


Segrate Center is a multifunctional area with an innovative design. It will offer a multiplex cinema, a hotel located in a lush, landscaped setting and a vast area dedicated to shopping and entertainment. The Center will also host an IMAX Theatre, an 8,000 m² aquarium, live entertainment and a 20,000 m² hypermarket and approximately 300 shops and services.

Not the typical shopping Center, Segrate Center is designed as a completely integrated entertainment Center, which promises to become the favourite spot for thousands of families living in the eastern part of Milan who will come to the Center to shop, to try out one of the innovative services, in search of entertainment or to stroll along the banks of the artificial lake, one of the most interesting architectural elements of the complex.

The international RTKL architecture office creates settings that are beautiful in every detail, in which the incredible variety of the offer is blended with urban excitement and extraordinary liability.  Segrate Center is an example of this approach. The entire project, which occupies a surface of more than 240,000 m², is conceived as a multifunctional area in which visitors can find the traditional urban services as well as innovative forms of entertainment, in a natural, park-like setting.



San Pellegrino Terme lends its name to the worldwide re-known mineral water flowing from a thermal spring at the foot of a dolomite mountain wall towering above the Brembo River in the Italian Alps.
The Brand “San Pellegrino” is a key asset for the ambitious urban regeneration project of San Pellegrino Terme:

Fine and gourmet food as well as the heritage of the brand, its positioning as a leading luxury brand of the “made in Italy” and its lifestyle contents are life-giving resources to create within San Pellegrino Terme a “New Place” with the aim to bring the city to be an exclusive destination, a refreshing and trendy new place that will boast “ the most beautiful and original luxury destination SPA in Italy”, a seven star hotel, an high – end residential complex which will include a luxury retail mall reserved especially for the finest luxury brands.

The “New San Pellegrino” will be home place for the most enjoyable travel through the unforgettable Italian taste in art, culture, fashion hospitality, haute cuisine and entertainment within the naturalistic environment of the Italian Alps.

The new San Pellegrino Terme project encapsulates the essence of urban redevelopment: luxury, defined not only by the intrinsic qualities of the acquired object, but also permeating every aspect of the experience people enjoy.

It is a concept that is at the same time both exclusive and accessible. Every element of the rejuvenated San Pellegrino - from the new spa area to the beautiful boutiques, from the hotels to the restaurants - will offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy an experience, unique in the world, to be a part of the very events that will bring the city to life.
A series of high quality entertainment such as special advance screenings of films, international musical performances, haute-couture fashion shows, and the world’s greatest chefs, will ensure in San Pellegrino Terme the international tourist scene.


The project is located on a 250,000
property east of downtown Milano in the municipality of Segrate.  The area has significant environmental value and special attention has been paid to minimization of land disturbance and energy use.

The project proposes a total integration between the environment and the architecture with buildings five and six stories above the ground, four 8-story buildings known as "garden houses" and on the west side intervention, a series of one and two-family villas comprising over 1,000 units of housing in total.

The materials proposed for the exterior of the buildings are of stone, plaster, wood, copper, etc. to promote the contextualization towards the environment of the surrounding agricultural and existing architectural context.  The interior finish materials were chosen for their quality and environmental privilege to comfort the apartments with air conditioning in summer and heating in the winter with a centralized air change in light of the high level of thermal insulation of the building shell.

All buildings are placed in a park setting with great locations and at the centre of the surface water feature.  The movement of vehicles is completely separate from that cycle that takes place along the perimeter road leading to the garages which have direct access to buildings.

Particular attention is given to the impact of ambient sound on the environment by creatively using the lake to absorb sound from mechanical equipment.  This technology significantly reduces the atmospheric deposition of noise pollutants from mechanical systems.

Within easy distance of shopping and restaurants, Segrate Residential community is an ideal location that provides easy access to Milano Town Center.  A perfect choice for business or pleasure, the quality far surpasses other apartment communities in the area.



The 180,000 m² Mall of Italy, near the center of Milan, will be the largest retail and leisure Italian reality, characterized by quality and size of international level. The project was designed to meet the needs of the financial and retail capital of the nation.

Milano is considered by many to be the fashion capital of the world and the Mall of Italy will offer a compelling retail experience in the heart of the country's fastest growing major metropolitan area. In Milano, where shopping is a top passion for its upscale residents, as well as millions of domestic and international visitors, the Mall of Italy will offer the very best in every category. Recognized as one of the top tourist destinations in tourist-friendly Italy, the Mall of Italy promises to be a retail powerhouse, unequaled in its ability to deliver exclusive brands to exclusive shoppers.


While attitudes of consumers, retailers and manufacturers have changed considerably over recent years towards the concept of factory / designer outlet villages, the format still needs further work to reach its full potential. Location, size and quality of schemes will become essential for future success along with implementing a clear marketing strategy which will emphasize the concept of accessible quality instead of bargains and strong retail acumen in the schemes managing.
This is why Premium Retail has developed the Fashion Mall Concept that brings the experience before the discounts and the quality of service before the number of shops.

The Fashion Mall in Torino will bring to a large number of consumers the high quality of the environment, high scale services in terms of catering and wellness, the possibility to buy for less the products of the best brands without renouncing to the current collection, the chance to experience a day in the luxury world that until today has been an exclusive prerogative of the wealthy.
The Fashion Mall, that Premium Retail is going to develop in cooperation with the other company of the Percassi Group in two strategic locations in the north of Italy, will bring luxury products and upscale services to the middle class;  it will democratize the essence of luxury.

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